The BMD tyre fitting machine can be used to quickly fit tires to wheels of sizes 12 to 29 inches in diameter, both tubed and tubeless, from slim road racing rims up to large fat bike rims and even ebike wheels. With its simple set up and ease of use, operators soon become familiar with the process of fitting tires and can build up both speed and accuracy. Due to the precision engineering, and delicate operation, tire fitting is accomplished at speed whilst retaining the trueness of the wheel and preventing damage to the final product.

Whether you need to fit

aluminium rims,
carbon rims
or e-bike rims

you can trust our proven tyre fitting machines.

The machine is a pedestal design, being largely constructed in 15mm steel which not only gives it optimal working stability, but also means it is extremely robust, lending to a vastly prolonged working life.

The main features are:
Nylon rollers which protect wheel rims made from all materials including high-end carbon fiber.

Robust quick release adjustment handles for familiarity and fast setting, as commonly found within the bicycle industry.

BMD Bohemia

Sprung loaded height adjuster which removes effort in adjustment, also allowing the height to be set and quickly adjusted for individual operators. Solid cast steel hardwearing parts for longevity. Foot pedal operated for safe hands free use.

100 percent pneumatic operation, removing the need for electrical connection and associated risk of electrical shock. Also featuring a maintenance free pneumatic ram, our tire fitting machine will provide years of industrial use with next to zero downtime for maintenance or repairs.

BMD Bohemia


Santa Cruz Bicycles factory uses BMD machines

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