About Us

We produce our machines 30 minutes from Prague, Czech Republic. Our building is a 350 year old stable out of stones and bricks, which we are modernizing as we go. It is in a UNESCO protected area and that brings special responsibilities. We are proud to rebuild it as much as is possible in the historical style with modern functionality.


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Managing Director & Founder of BMD Bohemia

We started in 1994 in Holland, then we have moved to the Czech Republic. Our own production in Europe is very important to me. Short leads to our suppliers give us full control over our production and quick response to any customers' needs. Our machines combine many disciplines. The close integration of mechanical design, control systems and new emerging technologies enables us to do this job on the highest level. It is not about adding more parts and gadgets. At every step we analyze if a part is needed, functional and still up for its designated task. We find that integration of server functions into a single part is a better solution which leads to the long-term reliability and better performance.

The beginning in Holland

We started production  in Holland.

BMD Bohemia

The moving to the Czechia

Establishment of the company in the Czech Republic

BMD Bohemia

New historical spaces

We moved to the new production area in Hlízov

BMD Bohemia

New refreshments for you

We opened new brewery and bike restaurant.

BMD Bohemia

Proven by Clients from All Around the World

Our Brewery

Come to enjoy our beers and ales!

We offer 3 permanent brews and many seasonal.
Take a look at the brewery website.

Why did we start brewing beer?

We were enchanted by our new spaces in the Czech Republic and as lovers of not only cycling, but also beer (don't drink and ride), we thought that a brewery would also stand out beautifully in such spaces, and decided to try brewing our own beer.

Our Bike-Friendly Restaurant

For you to refill your energy.

If you are interested in organizing a wedding, celebration, concert, or in case of any questions, contact us at akce@pivovarholandan.cz or at +420 725 989 080.

In addition to beer, we also offer many other drinks and great meals.