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We produce high-quality machines and test equipment primarily intended for the bicycle industry. BMD also has extensive expertise and experience in production techniques. BMD’s experience has given the company in-depth understanding of the sector’s needs and possibilities.


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BMD Bohemia
European Quality European Quality

All machines are manufactured under strict quality control in our main factory in the Czech Republic.

Guaranteed short lead time Guaranteed short lead time

All components are supplied locally, mainly from Germany and the Czech Republic, eliminating the supply chain uncertainty. This allows us to guarantee a short lead time for all machines, spare parts and maintenance services, delivering a low yearly cost price per wheel to you.

Solid and Long-lasting Solutions Solid and Long-lasting Solutions

Our wheel making machines have been built and fine-tuned over 25 years to provide outstanding reliability and durability in most demanding wheel manufacturing settings around the world.

Enthusiasm for Biking Enthusiasm for Biking

We pay the highest attention to the quality and robustness of our machines which allows us to guarantee their low operation maintenance and consistent quality and higher production output of manufactured wheels.

Simple Efficiency Simple Efficiency

We are proudly supporting local and international racing teams. Enjoying our prime location at the Elbe Cycle Path, we built an all-in-one soul-body-bike service and fuelling station supporting cyclists of all categories.

European Quality European Quality
Guaranteed short lead time Guaranteed short lead time
Solid and Long-lasting Solutions Solid and Long-lasting Solutions
Enthusiasm for Biking Enthusiasm for Biking
Simple Efficiency Simple Efficiency

Lacing Machines

The 301 CC lacing machine laces spokes in rims quickly and efficiently. It adjusts between different wheel diameters and rim heights automatically.

BMD Bohemia

Truing Machines

The 250 Obelisk II truing machine is a fast, user friendly truing machine with two simultaneously operating nipple keys.

BMD Bohemia

Rim Tape Machines

The smart designed machine enables you to apply tape to bicycle rims. Thanks to its design it is easy to set the machine for different rim diameters and rim heights.

BMD Bohemia

Wheel Carousel

The flexible setup allows one carrousel to store up to 14 wheels. The wheels are detected and the carrousel will move ahead and set a free slot ready to be filled.

BMD Bohemia

Manual Tyre Fitting Machines

Our universal tire fitter can be used for mounting a wide range of tires. It is easy adjustable to different diameters of rims from 12" to 28".

BMD Bohemia

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Proven by Clients from All Around the World

Tradition as an Advantage

We started in 1994 in Holland, then we have moved to the Czech Republic. Our own production within Europe is very important to us. Short leads to our suppliers give us full control over our production. We can react quickly if there are any special needs of our customers.


The close integration of mechanical design, control systems and new emerging technologies enable us to do our job on the highest level.

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Come to Taste
Our Very Own Beer

Why did we start brewing beer?

We were enchanted by our new spaces in the Czech Republic and as lovers of not only cycling, but also beer, we thought that a brewery would also stand out beautifully in such spaces, and decided to try brewing our own beer.